matrics engineering

matrics engineering GmbH develops new products (incl. prototype production) and offers consulting services for the development of products or systems (or for further development of existing systems) e.g. for prestressing systems, geotechnical systems, reinforcing systems, bridge bearings and crash barriers.

We help our clients with

  • Planning (e.g. market requirements, client needs, market research)
  • Concept (e.g. solution strategy, variations)
  • System Design (e.g. optimization, components) 
  • Design (e.g. analytical calculations, numerical modeling, geometry, materials)
  • Production (e.g. production method, casting technology, choice of suppliers, supply chain management)
  • Prototype testing
  • Legal protection (e.g. patents, utility models)
  • Approval process (e.g. choice of approval body, communication)
  • Approval testing (e.g. choice of labs, expert reports)
  • First application or pilot projects (witness)
  • Certification (e.g. CE certification, audit)
  • Market launch