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Prestressing and geotechnical anchorage products consist of reinforcing and prestressing steel and include components for anchoring, coupling and corrosion protection. While the tensile element is the same for many systems (e.g. prestressing wire strands), the actual system components are different for every manufacturer. Due to the large numbers produced the optimisation of the product as well as the production process itself is of high priority as is the necessary development process.

matrics engineering GmbH accompanies system providers in all phases of the development process from planning through market introduction. The degree of involvement depends entirely on the clients wishes (consulting for individual phases or independent execution of more complex planning tasks).

Two reference projects are shown below:


Monostrand prestressing system for unbonded post-tensioning

Strand prestressing system with couplers for bonded post-tensioning

Services rendered by matrics engineering

Planning, concept, design, production, prototype testing, certification process & testing, expert reports

Prototype testing, certification process (e.g. communications with the certification office), certification testing (test supervision, installation of tested equipment)

The following lists typical systems of prestressing / anchorage technology with application variations and directives.


Prestressing systems (strands / wires / bars)

Ground anchors (strand / bar)

Cable stays (strands / wires)


external / internal


(not) removable /
(not) restressable

temporary / permanent


ETAG 013 (2002)

CUAP (ETA request No 01.03/10)

pti recommendation

fib bulletin 30


European Certification Offices (e.g.):
Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik DIBt, Österreichisches Institut für Bautechnik OIB, Sétra, UK Cares, ZUS,
MET Wallonie