matrics engineering

matrics engineering GmbH is an engineering company with a primary interest in prestressed and/or cable supported structures/bridges, focussing on:

- Structural Engineering / Assessment of Bridges

- R&D and approving/certification of Systems (e.g. according ETAG013).

- Product Innovations made of UHPC and FRP.

- Testing and Monitoring Solutions.


The company started its activities in 2009. A highly qualified international and diverse team works on projects in all of the above mentioned fields.


High Technology Orientation is expressed in our many research projects and innovations, e.g. funded by Germany (exist, Zukunft-BAU) and Bavaria (Innovationsgutschein). These are presented regularly at international conferences and publications. 

Our first innovation project - "Hybridanker-Technology" - meanwhile is patented (EP), approved (ETA) and certified (CE).


Amongst our clients are:

  • Owners and operators of infrastructure 
  • System suppliers (prestressing and geotechnical systems, bearings, bore piles) 
  • Labs
  • Consultants / Structural Engineers 

matrics engineering GmbH is located in Munich, Germany.